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A Digital Marketing Promise From Us –
‘We Give You Actionable, Honest, Sensible Advice.’

Most businesses know that they need an effective online presence, they just don’t know how to go about getting it. If you’ve already used the services of an expert online marketing company or have spent many long hours learning the dark arts of SEO, website design, Pay Per Click, business blogging, fully Outsourced Marketing and Social Network Marketing (to name but a few). Say you’ve taught yourself all that and had the time and good discipline to put it into practice for your company day in day out, then we congratulate you, and tell you honestly, that you probably don’t need our help.

A little bit about Havelock Consulting

SmallLogoedited square transparentWe are a Stirling based online marketing company with vast experience of contracts, big and small, throughout the UK. Since relocating from London in 2012 we have built up a range of contracts supplying online marketing solutions to companies in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Our business model offers small and medium sized businesses a level of digital marketing expertise normally the sole preserve of larger, better funded enterprises.

If you’re not confused you’ve probably not been paying attention

But if you’re not one of the above, we at Havelock Consulting are fairly confident that we can save you money on what you’re doing now and help you earn money in the future.

We pull the many various strands of doing business online together, and make it understandable to our clients. We tell them what they are currently doing right (and wrong) and then guide them through the steps and processes that make for an effective online campaign.

We won’t baffle you science or bull. We take our clients through every step of the sometimes confusing world that is, doing effective business online.

Caught between the IT Department and the design company who never return your calls?

Whether you think of it as Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, or “having a website”, your internet presence can mean the difference between business failure and success. Maybe you are a small business or even a sole trader just starting out or perhaps you work for a larger company and just can’t seem to get any sense out of the people supposedly in charge of your company website. However large or small your company you might find some honest straightforward advice welcoming.

We remove much of the confusion that often comes with the information overload many of us suffer today. We outline a plan, give you a true cost and tell you a true outcome – not all digital marketing companies do that.

We will tell you if we can get you more business and sometimes we tell you, that we most probably can’t.

We are a small successful company of experts. We know our business and we want to help all our clients understand the digital marketing aspect of theirs. We like to think we are the best digital marketing company in Stirling – if not Scotland. We often provide very quick and easy to follow advice; advice that can make a difference to your bottom line immediately.

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