Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Getting your goods or services – or even your message to the people you want to reach by means of the internet and once you’ve reached them; putting into action a process whereby they are turned into lifelong customers and active advocates for your business. Although a cursory search of the internet might well come up with many different descriptions, some easy to understand some diabolically complicated. We hope the following information will fall under the former and not the latter category.

So, Digital Marketing is simply using the internet and your computer to get and retain more customers. There are many different elements to it and they are changing rapidly.

For example, who would have thought even a few years ago that it might be highly relevant and acceptable for a firm of accountants to advertise for business by way of a YouTube video?

A whole range of activity comes under Digital Marketing including:

These and much more are covered by Havelock Consulting and we hope that this site will answer many of your questions.

Why is it Important?

The vast majority of the population has use of a computer, tablet or smartphone, and as the years go by the amount of people not looking for goods and services online grows ever smaller. More and more people are searching for goods and services online. If you’re not currently actively seeking clients online probably one of two things will happen- either you soon will be or you’ll go out of business to a competitor who is actively getting and retaining customers via the internet.

Mind the Gap!

The Marketing Gap – the search engine marketing gap occurs because most customers use the internet as their primary means of searching for goods and services, meanwhile most businesses don’t use the internet as their primary means of marketing – be careful not let your marketing efforts fall down the gap.

And why it is likely to become more important

Percentage of UK households with internet access reached over 80% in 2012.Proportion of people who currently use a mobile handset to access the internet 39%.

Number of people who buy goods or services online over 60%.

Number of people searching information online daily 67%.

And these figures are growing annually; if you use other means of marketing and are happy with the results they have brought you up to now, maybe now is the time to make plans for the future. Even 10 years ago it might have seemed strange that the large, and ever growing, proportion of the population would carry with them to a hand held computer, giving them free and easy access to the internet. Widespread ownership and use of tablets and smart phones has put the marketer (you) in a situation whereby you are either speaking to them via their chosen method or purchasing or receiving information or weren’t speaking to them at all.

How We Can Help

Taking into account your size, budget and business goals we sit down with you and frankly apprise you and outline your options.

Here’s just some of what we might ask:

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What do you want and expect from digital marketing?
What are you doing now and why?
What are your competitors doing?

We then give your our appraisal of what action you might take, we give you some options – governed by timescale and budget. Remember most things are achievable online; it’s really only a matter of budget – think of how feasible it would be to outrank for a wide variety of searches around the purchasing of books. Could it be done? Yes, and it would be extremely costly and certainly wouldn’t happen overnight.


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