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Managing your clients – current or future

MailshotBuild your list – mail subscribers, enquirers, customers. Formulate a strategy around that list – is it just list in a drawer or are the subject to well thought out, constant, targeted, measured approach. Implement it – regular targeted contact, build in systems that mean you’ll either be reminded to do it, forced to do it, or it’ll be done automatically (hint: this one’s best)

Build your customer list

Then use it correctly; what’s your strategy, how frequently do you contact those on the list, and what do you contact with, what do you hope your list brings you? These and many other questions should be asked. Studies show that for every name you have on a correctly worked mailing list, it’s worth to your business £1 per month – per customer!!

Email marketing gives a return of over 40-1 on investment made Mailshot

What happens with most sites is that potential customers find your site (so you’ve got more than 90% of the way), have a nice read, then go off thinking they’ll return to you later, but find someone else who knows how to grab their details, or forgets about you, such is the attention span of the average internet searcher.

We will show you how to create sites that –

  • guide them towards your goals from the instant they land

  • say something interesting to them (if they are searching for dog leads your page should sell dog leads)

  • are easy to follow

  • give good, relevant information

  • give them stuff (a free eBook in return for an email subscription perhaps)

  • are laden with calls to action i.e. you should make it easy for them to leave their details, phone you, or buy your goods or services.

Integrate into customer process – find them, have them become customers, keep them, have them use you again, have them refer you.

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