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Landing Pages, Bounce Rates and Conversions

landing pageThese go hand in with PPC campaigns although they have other uses. These are pages designed to convert visitors into customers. Let’s start out first with this – a Landing Page is not a HOME PAGE (sorry for shouting but it had to be done). In effect a home page is a mixed bag of information that the casual surfer might stumble across, this mixed bag hopefully will point him to the bit of your site he really wants.

Goal oriented and targeted

A Landing Page on the other hand is a targeted, goal oriented, call to action laden bear trap of a page. Once the visitor is reading your page, you have one goal in mind – to get them to do what you want. This might be; to buy something from an online shop, to join your mailing list or to telephone for you services. The actual products and services will differ, the style and content of pages may vary, but one thing remains the same. The page is designed with them answering your call to action and nothing else.

The page in effect should have: target

  • One Message

  • One action

  • One goal

It must have a constant and channelled theme, gently guiding to visitor to do what you want them to. Many PPC campaigns fall down at this stage; they have successfully found a lucrative market, found search terms that are potentially very profitable, uncovered more valuable keyword terms, created great ads, only to have to visitors land on a home page and see less 2% of their visitors follow a call to action. That is a criminally low conversion rate and a very expensive way to find new clients.

One size probably doesn’t fit all

Some landing pages can be used generically but for the most part they need to be constructed to match individual campaigns (and sometimes even individual ads).

Havelock Consulting has great experience in creating landing pages that do what’s required, quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Our team of web designers and copywriters can design and build highly effective, money earning landing pages, to compliment any PPC or marketing campaign.

Don’t let your marketing fall down at this final hurdle.

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