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Pay Per ClickA good PPC campaign should always (well nearly always) lead to a landing page. If it doesn’t, you either have a webpage very highly optimised for converting visitors or a very poor PPC campaign. Unfortunately we find far more of the latter than the former. When spending your, or your company’s, money on the actions of internet searchers, it pays guide the searcher in the direction you want him to go.

  • PPC is – A fabulous way of getting business

  • A great way to target specific groups of customers.

  • A guaranteed way to find customers searching for certain specific terms.

  • A sure way to reach exactly the people you want to reach (and only those people).

  • And for the bulk of people who run a PPC campaign a money loser google AdWords campaigns.

Yes that’s right; the majority of PPC campaigns actually lose money. Well given the nature of how campaign costs are very accurately predicted by Google and other search engines, that can mean only one of two things: either the adverts are costed too heavily in favour of the advertising hosts (they are not) or most PPC campaigns are badly conceived, written, targeted and run (that’s the one).

Google AdWords is probably the most powerful marketing tool to have emerged in the last 10 years. You can create a targeted ad and have it shown only to people that search for that ad (therefore you’re charged only for highly targeted viewers) all within an hour of having the idea. You choose the time and the place the ad is shown. You choose to whom it is shown and how often. Very few other forms of advertising are that flexible and yet so highly targeted. It sounds great doesn’t it? An inexpensive, highly flexible and relatively cheap way to target specific customers – what could possibly go wrong, I hear you ask? Well quite a bit actually, the main sinner in the PPC campaign is RELEVANCY or lack of it.

An ad should be as relevant to the search query as possible. If someone types in the search “bargain holidays Majorca” the ad displayed should look be very relevant to those terms, it certainly mention bargain holidays in Majorca and when people click on it they should be taken to the a page about …..bargain holidays in Majorca. That much should be common sense and yet a brief perusal of adverts and the pages they take you too would seem to suggest that common sense is really not that common in the PPC world.

This is only the first of many hurdles the unseasoned PPC advertiser can fall down at. PPC has many such money losing hurdles, hurdles that the winning advertiser must overcome, if they are to come out with a cost effective advertising campaign. Paid search is a great way to gain business and an easy way to lose money. Each stage must be professionally (or at least cleverly thought out).

Here are the stages all good Pay Per Click campaigns go through

  • Research – you must find a market that you truly want to reach

  • Keyword research – what terms is that marketing typing into the search box

  • Ad groups – build these search terms into tight specific groups

  • Destination – where will these people land on your site? Hint, it should be a specifically designed landing page

  • Analyse – the number of impressions (how often your ad is shown), the Click Through Rate (how often they click on a shown ad), response rates (how often do they actually do what you want they to do once on your landing page)

  • Amend, improve, optimise (needs no explaining)

  • Now doing all this is a tall order for most hard pressed business people. Havelock Consulting has experience in creating, building, running PPC campaigns. We can take over the full-time administration of your campaign or walk you through the steps necessary to build and run a campaign yourself. Either way with us behind your PPC campaign we know one thing you’ll be in the minority of companies running such campaigns. You’ll have a PPC that doesn’t run at a loss.

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