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Vysokaya-reputatsiya-nuzhna-vsem-What would the casual searcher find online if they searched for you or your company? Is it all good? Would they find malicious, untrue and damaging material about your company? Would you like a more reasonable and honest appraisal of your business online? We ensure that when someone searches for your company they only find what you want them to find.

Online reputation management is the practice of monitoring and managing the search engine results pages relating to a person, business or brand. In certain cases a negative, false or downright malicious entries have to be suppressed, but on the whole, the business of reputation management comes down to building a strong, positive and congruent profile across many internet platforms.

It is our experience that a company with an existing powerful internet presence (website/s, social media presence, multi-media profiles) rarely falls victim to scurrilous internet rumours and falsehoods. If a company has built a strong presence it tends to be far safer, so Havelock Consulting first rule of online reputation management would be; have an existing strong online presence.

The nature of the internet means bad stuff rarely goes away of its own accord, but rather has replaced with other material, sometimes good, sometimes neutral. Negativity has a life of its own and it is an unfortunate trait of the internet that people seems quicker to pass on the bad stuff than the good – especially when they can skulk in the shadows of online anonymity.

Our reputation management process involves us –

Assessing what is being said about our client online – Is what is being said a fair representation of the client? Is there misinformation? What is the source of this material?

Auditing existing online assets – Are existing online assets sufficient to bring about a truer and more favourable company profile? If not what we need to create and which platforms best suit the client’s needs and business model?

Goals formulated by us and agreed by the client – in effect would we hope the searcher to find in 3 months time?

Realistic time frame and outline of methods to be used – Both parties have to agree to a sometimes robust internet strategy.

You Decide What’s Said About Your Business

We then utilise a variety of techniques, sometimes simple (but often time consuming) and sometimes very sophisticated, the one thing they have in common is that they work. Our reputation means a lot to us and so does our clients reputation management.

We build a client’s good name online as quickly as possible, but clients should be aware that this can be a long drawn out process and is in effect the opposite of normal SEO. In effect we are not aiming to get a company high in the rankings for a keyword; rather we are creating a large amount of web pages that the clients name will rank for. It must be remembered that reputation management is a question of pushing good material upwards in the search engines, not as some might initially suppose, pushing bad material down.

It’s a matter of fact that negativity draws the eye, one search result on the first (or even second or third) page of a search engine can negate pages of good material. Havelock Consulting is greatly experienced in creating positive, true and congruent online profiles.

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