The Art and The Science of SEO

SEOSearch engine optimization – SEO is the process by which a website, or in reality, a webpage is visible and highly placed in search engine results. Generally speaking the earlier and more frequently a page appears in search engine results the more visitors a site will receive. We help you appear not only frequently and early, but frequently and early for many different search terms.

It’s All About Getting Found

Search engine optimisation at Havelock Consulting follows a highly specific but yet easy to follow process. All our SEO campaigns follow this process-

  • Offsite audit of what the clients website is currently achieving

  • Onsite meeting with the client asking them what they want their website to achieve

  • Search keywords and phrases identified

  • Audit of current rankings for these phrases

  • Audit of current high ranking sites for these phrases (see what the market leaders are doing right)

  • Targets and strategy agreed

  • Campaign undertaken and time specified

Getting Found and Getting Paid

SEO campaigns have two main aspects onsite (your website) and offsite (in the main which sites are pointing at i.e. linking to your website).The onsite aspects can usually be fixed in a matter of days, the offsite activity is usually an ongoing process as search engines are constantly changing how and why they rank sites and clients are constantly changing their products and services. Offsite methods for the most part consist of creating strong links back to the site from other sites in that niche. This can be a time consuming process but, if done correctly, the benefits last for many years. Quality, and where possible, permanent links are created and methods of link creation shown to the client.

This doesn’t mean, however, that our clients are in some way dependent on us for the maintenance of their online business success – a tactic unfortunately prevalent in this industry. All our clients receive training and guidance from us. We leave them with a clear, easy and flexible search engine traffic roadmap, outlining ways and means of gaining traffic now and in the future, educating our clients in practices that should keep them ranking well permanently.

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