Social Media Marketing

Just What is This All About?

Social Media MarketingEvery business should have; a Facebook Page, a huge Twitter following, its own YouTube Channel and be actively doing whatever it is Google want us to do with their +, or should it? It must have a huge, content rich, regularly updated website or lose out to the competition, right? Must every business post daily about the latest developments in their chosen field?

What Should I Be Doing and Where Do I Start?

The marketing gurus will tell you the answer to all of the above is “Yes”. But to the hard pressed small and medium sized business, the maximum effect must be achieved with targeted online campaign, but of what type? Where does a small business start to get the most from their time and money? These campaigns must be informed by someone who has the knowledge and experience to point a business in the best online direction. The Social Network Marketer has various platforms; these platforms are very useful in creating, managing and selling to customers. The thing is, you have to know which platform to use and how to use it or confusion (and a great deal of wasted time and money) can arise.Does a small high street hair salon, catering to a local regular custom, really need to go to the time and effort of creating a targeted Twitter following?

Is it a good investment, of time and money, for the local plumber to run a Facebook advert or should he get a website?

Is there a simple and inexpensive way of reaching everyone I’ve ever done business with and their contacts?

In Social Media Marketing One Size Really Doesn’t Fit All

We sit down and discuss with you; your needs, your goals, your budget and most importantly, how much time you can put aside a week to run your page/followers/channel – a much forgotten aspect of Social Media Marketing.

Our Packages Include:

  • Facebook Page/ Groups creation and strategy

  • Facebook advert campaigns and account administration

  • LinkedIn Profile /Group creation and connection building

  • Twitter account creation

  • Twitter targeted followers acquisition

  • YouTube Channel creation

  • YouTube targeted (both in terms of audience and keywords) video creation

  • Google + we talk you through this new medium and what implications it has for the future

  • Social Network linkage, giving one interface to deal with all your accounts

Social Media can be a powerful marketing and contact management system, and is growing more necessary, it can also be a monumental waste of time. Our advice just might stop you wasting a lot of time and money.

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