Web Design

Creating Something That Does the Job

In a nutshell – getting people to your site and then once they are there, getting them to do business with you. To this end your site firstly, must be constructed in such a way that Google and the other search engines can find it and secondly must have links pointing to it, in effective proving you do what you say you do. We then create structures and pages that turn your site visitors into your customers.

If I Build It, They Will Come – Not Necessarily

A lot of people (even people in our business) think it’s about having a really crazy, fun website, with lots of gizmos and flashing lights. If you want lots of twisting, turning flashing gizmos you can have them, but at Havelock Consulting our priority is getting people to your site and then getting them to do business with you.

Making Sure You Get Found

Website design can be complicated and somewhat scary. What you think you are getting can sometimes be different from what you actually get. The uses you had in mind for your site turn to nought. Search engines don’t rank you, potential customers can’t find you. But your website looks nice, everyone tells you that, it has all your information and it cost quite a tidy sum. Maybe when other people tell you that they get most of their custom from the internet they are keeping the real truth from you? Or maybe your web designer knows how to build something that looks nice but doesn’t actually get found easily?

You can end up with something of great functionality or something unpleasant to look at and invisible to search engines. You can often end up with something that search engines find easily and often, but with a site that we dear old human beings are repelled by. Neither of these are really what the website owner wants but how do we avoid the pitfalls (and there are many, including most web designers ideas of what they want to ‘create’) of getting a decent, working and inexpensive website up and running? What are the stages that a person should go through to ensure that what they want actually does the job?

These are the steps we take in creating a working website:

  • Consult – finding out your goals and targets (and finding out what the opposition are doing)

  • Map – we work out an attainable set of achievable goals for you and your website

  • Keyword Targeting – we find the actual phrases people type when they are searching for your type of business and weave them into the fabric or your site

  • Design – working hand in hand with our design team we bring you the website you had in mind

  • Launch – a website going ‘live’ is the middle of the process not as some people think the end

  • Amend – we make the final little tweaks and adjustment in consultation with you and our analytics

  • Get You Business – we are experts in helping you gain and increase traffic

  • Educate – we show you how to use, change and development your website, we don’t create built in dependency like some companies

All our websites actually work (a strange thing to have to state perhaps, but it needs saying all the same), they are created to be found, to navigate easily and for the owner to use and amend easily. We cater for small businesses and have sites to suit even the smallest of budgets.

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