How To Set Up An Email

This guide is designed for Windows PC users.

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1. Open up your Microsoft Outlook.
(Note: For this guide, I am using Outlook 2016, But other versions should be the same, or similar.)





2. If you have no other accounts set up on your Outlook, you will be asked to add an account just click “Yes”.





3. If you already have an account set up, no problem. All you have to do is go to “File” up in the top left, and on the “info” tab under “Account Information” Click on the “Add Account” button.











4. Once you’re here it’s fairly straight forward. Fill in your details like so, and click “Next”. I recommend copy and pasting the password as they are randomly generated and can be a pain to have to type in. (Note: Outlook doesn’t let you click to paste, so you have to use the shortcut command “Ctrl + V”).





5. When this pops up, don’t panic. It’s fine. It’s just configuring the server settings. Hit “Allow” and it will continue installing the email. If a second box pops up, also just click yes to continue.





6. Congratulations! Your email is now set up. Hit finish to take you to the dashboard.



Oops! Something went wrong!

If this hasn’t worked for you here’s a couple things you can try.

1. Make sure the email and password are correct. This is the most common problem that can occur so it’s good to double, or even triple check that everything has been spelled correctly and that there are no typos.

2. Poor internet connection? Maybe your internet crashed and it wasn’t strong enough to add the email at the time? This is a less common problem but it happens, give it another go and try again.

3. If you’ve tried a few times and checked that all the spelling is correct but it’s still not working, then you can email me at If you could send me as much detail about the error as you can (such as Screenshots or copy and pasting the error message) as this could help me sort the problem a lot faster.