Graphic Design

Making Your Marketing Message Visual

graphic designGraphic design has been described as the visual communication of ideas. As professional marketers we believe that graphic design is the visual communication of your marketing message.

We offer a full package of website design and branding, fully integrated with our other marketing efforts.


Havelock Consulting specialise in striking brand design, outstanding rebrands and influential brand marketing. Your brand identity is the main point of recognition for your customers and clients, and will reflect the impression they have of your business, product or service. We help you to improve this impression through influential messaging, effective logo designs, powerful and visually appealing websites, and more. We want our clients to find the right message, look and feel to best influence their marketplace.

Before we design anything, we help you to establish and expand your brand by helping you understand your customers and your competition. Havelock Consulting distils your company’s central aims and the products and services on offer, down to a unique brand identity and message. We will then create logos, websites, unique shareable images that will address your needs and take advantage of your competition’s weaknesses, while clearly communicating the company’s brand.

Logo Design

A company’s logo is the foundation for any business design project. It is first-rate branding. To succeed in the business world, an effective logo is a must.

In today’s competitive market, you must speak directly to your consumers. An iconic logo is the foundation of a company’s brand, and inspires trust, reliability and familiarity.

Our graphic designers are committed to creating unique, recognisable logos for your business. As the logo will be the cornerstone of all future branding, we will make sure that it captures the essence of your company and its values.

Web design

We at Havelock Consulting are specialists in creative and engaging web design. We want you to captivate users and provide an enjoyable, and easy to use, website experience.

Havelock Consulting brings value to web design because we understand how a website fits into the marketing strategy of your business. As a result you will achieve true branding on your website and throughout your marketing program.

Digital Marketing Specialists

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