LinkedIn Training

Learn How To Network With Your Network’s Network
imagesWith over 175 million members LinkedIn has become an invaluable social media tool for businesses and professionals.

At Havelock Consulting we provide LinkedIn training for all aspects of this social media tool, from the creation of an account with a relevant profile, to searching for new business, recruiting staff and complimenting your business profile. Our training, advice, support and tips will ensure that you and your business gain maximum coverage out in the digital world.

Personal branding

An old colleague could be searching for you on LinkedIn, or maybe an old client who valued the attention you showed them. Your branded and optimised profile could be of utmost importance to you and your company.

We will help you to get found with your message and your skills. You will be able to reveal as little or as much of your own character, personality and attributes as you wish.

The strength of your profile will attract attention and could lead to personal or commercial gain. The more thought that you put into your profile, the quality of the content included and the layout will all influence the traffic that you receive.

Increasing Your Company’s Presence

A page dedicated to your business can hugely influence its web presence. Not only can your company be found on a LinkedIn search for its particular name, but you can also optimise it for your location and specific industry.

We will ensure that both your personal page and business page are constructed in a way that will get you out there and found. You will be able to promote what you are selling, what makes you special and what makes your company special.

Searching for Individuals on LinkedIn

Do you want to immediately connect with the decision-makers in influential companies? Do you want to get in touch with that loyal customer? Do you want to know a little bit more about a future customer? Or would you be intrigued to find out a little more about your opposition?

We can give you the skills to succeed in all of the above. We can show you what to look for and what to avoid, how to connect and how to effectively search. Equipped with that knowledge we believe that you will be able to use your time and resources much more efficiently.

Searching for Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn business pages can often provide more information and more relevant news than a company’s websites does. We will help you get speedy and significant information on businesses that matter to you. The size, flavour and make up of their team will reveal snippets of information critical to you as you form and execute your strategy. You may find that you have common ground with a particular employee or that you have a mutual connection which could just get your foot in the door.

Boolean Searches

The complex world of the Boolean Search will be explained in very simple and easy to understand terms. You will find that you are able to hone your searches to find exactly who and what you are looking for.

Social Marketing

Gaining Information

By joining groups and reading blogs that relate to you and your sphere of business you could find yourself with a better understanding of the job at hand or at the very least those endeavouring to update you. The relevance of your chosen groups could have a huge impact on your business.

Digital Marketing Specialists

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