Internet Marketing – the key to Falkirk’s continued success

Falkirk, as one of the best connected and most enterprising locations in Scotland – in fact it was named the most enterprising place in Scotland in 2010. In fact, businesses in Falkirk have a much higher than average uptake of digital marketing services, compared to other areas in Scotland.

Having undergone a cycle of change, brought about by regeneration and development, new hi-tech businesses are replacing more traditional types of industry, and as in many other places, the older industries are adapting to newer marketing and promotional methods. As a result, the need for digital marketing expertise is growing in this thriving business centre.

Digital marketing is a term that has been around for quite a while. It encompasses a wide range of online marketing tools, such as banner advertising, SEO, Pay Per Click, blogging and lead generation. Even a few years ago many businesses felt they could survive doing things the traditional way. Today online marketing has moved from something most businesses new little about, to necessity and to today’s situation, whereby most businesses actively enjoy their internet and social media marketing.

We find that many customers and digital consultants lose sight of the fact that digital marketing is not about the system; be it a website or a Twitter campaign, it’s all about the end result which often boils down to increased performance in –

  • Lead generation
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer and staff retention
  • Recruitment

Havelock Consulting are currently working with a number of businesses in Falkirk; some of the younger businesses have only known the internet age, while others have had to learn to use online marketing methods for their business.

Havelock Consulting has experience in helping businesses with a variety of needs increase their online presence, improve public awareness of the company’s brand and most importantly of all, generating new business and marketing more successfully to existing customers.

Why Digital Marketing is Essential

It’s Powerful

People are able to access information on almost anything online – almost instantaneously. This is why there is no better place for businesses to spread their message than in the places where people are already searching for information and answers. The internet, along with social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, has given consumers a choice and the ability to interact with a company that even a few years ago was unthinkable. If they are unhappy with a product they are quick to log into their social media accounts and complain, directly to the company or to the general public. Conversely good news and good products spread quickly online. Is your business placed to guide and direct this discussion?

It’s ‘to the Point’

Social media has given businesses the opportunity to learn more about their customers. It gives companies the ability to tailor messages to individuals, instead of one generic message to a wide audience. Consumers now get direct advertising messages, customised to their interests and needs. Does your business have the ability to direct a targeted marketing message?

It’s Approachable

Digital marketing turns businesses into individual people. When they interact with customers they build relationships, and are able to show their brand personality. This adds a human element to marketing and promotes brand loyalty. Has your business a great dialogue with your customer, and potential customer, base?

It’s Social

Although digital marketing allows businesses to connect directly with people, it also creates a ripple effect among those customers. Instead of trying to reach a million people by yourself, you can now reach this number of people through the audience you have already accumulated. Creating shareable content or interesting posts will easily get your message across to a whole new audience. Does your business have the ability turn your consumers into advocates?

It Happens in ‘Real Time’

Today, businesses can get their products and services in front of millions of people with a couple of clicks. They can also develop, adjust and refine these activities instantly with the help of digital analytics tools that offer instant feedback. Continuous evaluation of this feedback will help businesses to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing campaigns. Can you sort problems and fulfil needs instantly?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the above questions, then maybe you should be speaking to Havelock Consulting.

We are experts at putting in place systems that help you speak to your audience and market your products and services.

Remember digital marketing shows on average a ROI of over 7-1. We like to think that we are much better than average.

We pride ourselves on giving honest, actionable advice. We expertly tailor systems to your needs and budget; we tell you what can and can’t be done.

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