Everyone is using Twitter
Everyone has started using Twitter as the new way to promote, connect and brand their business. The man who runs the shop across the road. The plumber. The manager at your local. And major companies such as Dell, Starbucks, Tesco; they are all on Twitter. If your company is not actively using Twitter, you will miss out massively.

Even Twitter themselves know the power of using this social media tool for business. They say:
‘Every day, millions of people use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. Now, people are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses too. From local stores to big brands, and from brick-and-mortar to internet-based or service sector, people are finding great value in the connections they make with businesses on Twitter.’

To connect with your customers


Why your business should be using Twitter. The main, and most obvious reason for using Twitter in your business, is the ability to connect with your customers or clients. Twitter has become a daily routine for many. Twitter is a great channel for listening to, and finding out about your customers, what they like and dislike, how they feel about your brand, what suggestions they have for improvement etc. These days if a consumer wants to praise a brand, or make a complaint, they will most likely do it via social media. Twitter makes this easy. A couple of quick steps and you can easily tag a company or business in your tweet, allowing not only the business to read your thoughts, but your Twitter following as well. This is extremely powerful.

To build your brand

By participating in Twitter, you can present and develop the kind of image that attracts your potential customers and refine your brand. You don’t have to be a big brand like Dell or Starbucks to brand yourself on Twitter, you can be an average person and still make an impact. Everyone wants to connect with real people within a company, and Twitter allows for a more personal approach.

It’s free marketing

Twitter is also a great way to market your business or services to more people. Not only is it a quick and effective way of getting your message out, but Twitter marketing is free. You can use this to your advantage by advertising promotions and voucher codes via Twitter. Retweeting offers and codes is extremely popular, and you could reach a whole new group of customers, for free, with a few simple tweets.

To keep ahead of the competition

Using Twitter search you can find out what people are saying about a particular topic, enabling you to keep your ear to the ground about your company and the competition. You can also read what consumers are saying about the competition. What services aren’t they offering? What are they happy with? This free search can be used to your advantage.

To go viral

When you gain popularity with your tweets and hashtags you will learn how viral Twitter can be. By simply hitting one button your tweet is easily shared between hundreds and thousands of people. This is an excellent marketing strategy and easy promotion.

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