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keyword-researchIn order to be found most people would consider giving the search engines 100% of what they want, as the best possible start. In short your website should be designed, built and should run, along a pretty tight set of guidelines for optimal efficiency. Knowing what these guidelines are and how to create a website in keeping with these rules is where Havelock Consulting comes in.

But what exactly is it that they want?

Whether actually doing it yourself, or paying for, the time consuming and specialist undertaking of optimising a website you want to be sure of two things – that everything you are doing will actually help your rankings and that you’ve done absolutely everything you could have.At Havelock Consulting we optimise your website on both levels – the actually site as a whole (the domain) and the individual pages (your targeted content).

We carry out an entire site wide audit of every single page and make sure that the technical stuff; HTML code, broken links, 404 and other server response errors are not present.

Website Optimisation Secondly, we make sure that you pages are correctly formatted; page titles, page descriptions, meta tags, to name but a few are correct and also make sure that your actual content is correctly written and presented to get you page found for any given search, in accordance with the latest and most stringent content guidelines available.

Among the things we do are:

  • List your keyword rank for a given number of your terms

  • Reverse engineer the leading sites for any given term

  • List your competitors rank for these same terms

  • Keyword your site to find what you should really be targeting

  • See exactly who is linking to you and your competitors

  • Create, or guide you to creating, keyword rich, targeted pages

  • Our website optimisation leads to two separate highly actionable documents for you to work on or have dealt with by us or another specialist.

Website Structure Audit

Giving you both technical and content specialised and actionable data; across your entire site. Acting upon this data will give your rankings, and therefore custom, an immediate boost.

Data which will enable you to –

  • Create the most optimised site structure

  • Remove technical architecture issues

  • Create congruent and healthy internal links

  • Rank to your full potential

Keyword and Content Audit

This enables you to target and therefore rank for the keyword terms and phrases that will rank your site and therefore bring you custom. Exact guidance is given, in conjunction with a previous keyword audit with our clients, to ranking for your chosen terms. Each and every line of your content will be analysed and optimised to rank.

Each page is audited and the report will give you the following:

  • A current page optimisation score

  • A page framework laid out to get as near to that elusive 100%

  • A comparison with competitors for those keywords

  • A synonym rich, keyword optimised page produced

  • Strong internal links build follow a professional site architecture template

  • A strong external link profile mapped out and followed.

Naturally the size and scope of this analysis and work depends upon the size of the site and the company’s goals for further information and a breakdown of the services we offer you can look at our products for –

Small Businesses – Optimisation Reporting – Competitor Analysis
Following this tried and trusted approached we’ve helped many clients improve their rankings across thousands of pages. Havelock Consultants follow latest search engine guidelines and use state of the art techniques and software.

We show all our clients, in black and white, why they are failing, how we can help and how they will improve. This formula brings – Success.

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