Competitor Analysis

What Their Site Says – How Strong Are They?

The Eyeball Test

competitor analysisA brief look at a site can tell you much; how professional does it look? What if anything is it targeting? Who is it designed to attract? How many pages does it have? Is the site regularly added to? Does it look well maintained and up to date? Does it give valuable information about the chosen subject? Does it contain a good reason to buy from them or leave your details?

Looking a little deeper

What terms are they ranking for example an Hamilton – Drummond Chartered Accountants in Edinburgh might not be on the first page of Google for ‘accountants Edinburgh’ but they might be first in Google for ‘ Chartered Accountants Edinburgh – Edinburgh accountants – accountants in Edinburgh – tax advice Edinburgh….’ and 50 other key word phrases.

A key part of our service is to research your niche and to find the terms that are of most value to you, real terms that people type into that little box on the Google page and weave these into your site bringing more traffic and more customers. Analysis of competitors can often help with this and tell us what the most effective people in your particular industry are doing. We select words used in your industry and research our own using state of the art keyword software (yes such a thing really exists) and aim to bring you the most keyword rich, high traffic bringing site in your industry.

No Stone Unturned

Not only do we evaluate what terms your competitors rank for, how beatable they are for those terms and for high traffic terms we have uncovered, but we find out who is linking to them, bringing their site credibility and a huge ranking boost in Google’s eyes. If their link profile is overly strong they might not be ripe for removing from their current high ranking – in the short term. This activity also uncovers areas and sites that we can utilise for links of our own – all this information is out there; to the trained, software armed digital marketer.

We also give you a profile of their social media activity, an actual metric based on their Google +, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube use and fan/follower base.

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